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30 Year Mortgage Payoff Calculator and Amortization Schedule

This spreadsheet contains a variety of loan information for a 30-year, fixed-rate loan. Enter the Loan Amount, Rate, and the Amount(s) of extra payment you would like to make in the cell corresponding to the year you plan on making extra payments. You can also enter a negative extra payment to see how much it will cost you to take out a second mortgage.

You may have restrictions on how much of an extra payment you can make in any one year, or a pre-payment penalty. If you are taking out a home-equity loan, you will have to pay loan fees, and may not be able to borrow more money than you have equity in the home, although some people are eligible for home-equity loans greater than the current equity on the home.

As you will find in the calculator, the actual payment total over the life of the loan is much greater than the original loan amount. The closer you make your extra payments to the beginning of the loan period, the more you will save over the life of the loan. By making extra payments early in the loan period, the amount of principal you are paying interest on decreases.

At the bottom of the spreadsheet, you will see how much you save by making an extra payment, or how much you will have to pay back, by taking out a second loan. Once the equity is equal to the loan amount, then you will be finished making payments.

This mortgage amortization table will allow you to see how much money you can save by making accelerated mortgage payments. Calculate how much you will save over the life of the loan by additional mortgage payments or paying off the entire mortgage loan balance.

Extra mortgage payments will help you pay down the principal of your loan, and may save you thousands over the life span of the loan. Enter the month you plan to make extra payments to determine your estimated long-term savings.

30-Year Loan Forecast*Enter Your Property's Information Blue Cells

Loan Principal Annual Payment  
Years 30  Monthly Payment    
Payment Year PaymentInterest Opening Closing Equity Extra Payment
Total Payments without Making Extra Payments      
Total Payments with Making Extra Payments      
Estimates Savings with Extra Payments      

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