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Whether you are developing your own properties or investing in real estate, membership with this site offers a variety of resources not available to non-members:

Become a member and receive access to member contributed construction contracts and scopes of work for general contractors and sub-contractors : cabinets, ceramic tile, clean up/ move in, concrete slab, drywall, electrical wiring, flatwork patios, flooring, heating and air conditioning, low voltage, masonry fencing, painting, plumbing, and roofing. Control the quality of the work of your contractors by creating your own contracts, scopes of work, and checklists for your real estate projects (renovation, remodeling, home-renovation projects, and new-home construction projects.)

If you plan to invest in real estate and you are analyzing another's business plan, it is very important to check the person's math and determine how the financial statistics are being calculated. You can use resources from this site to "reverse engineer" the financial projections you receive from a developer.

Use member contributed proformas to create your own, determine the feasibility of a real estate development, create your business plan, draft your private placement memorandum, write your operating agreement, court investors and acquire competitive financing for your real estate projects. Use your proforma to manage your property's financial performance by entering your financial data as your project progresses.

Once you have created your account, you can create your member profile, with your photo, details about your business, a link to your website, your resume and who you would like to network with. In addition, you can browse the database of real estate investment groups, contact the groups, list or create a real estate investment group with details including your group's description, contact information, meeting times, event information, and more.

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