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Construction Checklists
For New Construction and Remodeling projects - Residential, Commercial, Multi-family 7 addDoc edit    
Construction Contract Scopes of Work
Exhibits for Construction Sub-contracts 22 addDoc edit    
Construction Estimate Forms
For New and Re-development Construction Projects 6 addDoc edit    
General Construction and Real Estate Development Contracts 5 addDoc edit    
Due Diligence
Documents and Misc. Information for Real Estate Due Diligence 2 addDoc edit    
Environmental (BMP)
Best Management Practices, Guidelines and Tips 1 addDoc edit    
Fund Raising
Fund Raising Agreements for Real Estate Development 1 addDoc edit    
Land Development
Land Development and Land Entitlement Documents 4 addDoc edit    
Miscellaneous Legal Documents for Business Management and Finance 10 addDoc edit    
Misc. Loan Calculator and Amortization Schedules 6 addDoc edit    
Various Construction and Real Estate Development Document Types 5 addDoc edit    
Plumbing Documents
Construction Documents for Plumbing for New Construction and Re-models 2 addDoc edit    
Apartment, Commercial, Office, Residential, Single-family, Multi-family 7 addDoc edit    
Proformas - Commercial
For Commercial Real Estate Development and Ownership 1 addDoc edit    
Proformas - Investment Properties
Real Estate Development Proformas for Investment Properties 7 addDoc edit    
Promissory Notes
Sample General Promissory Notes that can be used and adapted for Construction 2 addDoc edit    
Purchase Contracts
Real Estate - Real Property Purchase Contracts 1 addDoc edit    
Checklists and Documents for Re-modeling 1 addDoc edit    
Construction Schedules and Real Estate Development Schedules 2 addDoc edit    
Total Documents92